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nei_tan's Journal

26 July
it turns out that as you get older, life becomes at once simpler and far more complicated. i find that i'm at a point in my life where a lot is up in the air, and sometimes it's difficult to figure out where my strengths lie, what my plans are, and what i really want. however, i am becoming more and more aware of what is truly important in life: friends, love, self-confidence, and the ability to see beauty in even the most common of everyday experiences.

this uncertainty of life is intimidating, to say the least... but i know that with my wonderful boyfriend at my side, and a willingness to try, maybe some of my crazy ideas could become a reality. exciting, non?

book readin'
pride and prejudice . jane austin
my name is asher lev . chiam potok
spartacus . howard fast
the cheese monkees . chip kidd
sophie's world . jostein gaarder
fragile things . neil gaiman*
notes from the underground . fyodor dostoyevsky*
the grapes of wrath . john steinbeck
the kitchen god's wife . amy tan*

* currently reading

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